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Fall Year 1

It's rather cool, and heavy or light rains could sweep in at any moment. So don't let your guard down...

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Our Story: How It All Began...

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Our Story: How It All Began...

Post by Badgerstar on Tue Mar 19, 2013 5:09 pm

After the warrior clans were pushed out from the Old Forest by humans and their monsters, the clans moved to the Lake. They went through many obstacles and lost many cats by living there. But now they must moved again. StarClan has told the healers of the clans about a land free of humans: the mountains. They have territory fit for all the clans, but the only catch was that they had to change their names. ThunderClan changed their name to FireClan in memory of Firestar; ShadowClan to NightClan; RiverClan to WaterClan; WindClan to AirClan. Not long after, SkyClan got pushed out of their land by rats overrunning their gorge and moved to the same land as the other four clans and changed their name to IceClan.

IceClan - loyal warriors of the snowy mountains/Formerly SkyClan

AirClan - swift hunters of the open plains/Formerly WindClan

WaterClan - strong rulers of the Great River/Formerly RiverClan

FireClan - courageous conquerors of the ancient forests/Formerly ThunderClan

NightClan - clever assassins of the dark shadows/Formerly ShadowClan

Whom will you join in the fight for suvival?


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