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Fall Year 1

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Battle Rules {WIP}

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Battle Rules {WIP}

Post by Badgerstar on Sun Sep 15, 2013 4:10 pm


01. One hit for every two blocks - This means that you may say that you blocked an opponents blows twice, but you MUST get hit. You cannot be invincible in any fight/battle here.

02. No cat is invincible - Note that if you are involved in a fight/battle, you cat will not walk away without any scars or scratches. I'm not saying that you must have life threatening injuries, but I just want to keep it pretty realistic.

03. Battle responses must be within a week - If someone post a topic to fight or battle you, you must respond with a week or you opponent automatically wins. This is except for those that have posted in in absences board that they are going away for a while.


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