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The Rules of the Site

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The Rules of the Site

Post by Badgerstar on Sat Jan 26, 2013 2:55 pm

General Forum Rules

- Post Content.
This is a PG-13 forum. Explict topics such as (but not limited to) illegal material, drug use, underage drinking, and sexual activies aren’t allowed.

- Pornographic or sexually-oriented Artwork/Links/Topics/Etc.
They aren't allowed. No exceptions.

- Flaming and Harassment.
Don’t personally attack anyone publicly or incite to start a “flame war” – there are people you might not like for one reason or another, but have some tact about it. Harassment over private messages will also not be tolerated and may result in a ban if reported.

Do not beg artists for artwork. If they open requests, it’s perfectly fine to ask but if an artist is closed, please leave them alone. This is a form of harassment and will not be tolerated.

- Accounts
You may roleplay atleast two characters in each empire at a time. If you would like more in one empire, you must have one-thousand and five hundred (1,500) Feathers - the currency for the site. In addition, each character needs it's OWN account. Because of this, please make sure you do not post under the wrong character in a thread. If you do, kindly return, post under the appropriate name and then delete the mistake.

- Grammar and Spelling.
Proper grammar and spelling is encouraged both in and out of character – but basically, don’t use “leet speak” or an outrageous amount of icons in a way no one can understand!

- Profiles and Signatures.
Your avatar must be of your character. Anything else may not be accepted.
Signatures must consist of other characters that belong to you. Both of the are a big deal. PLEASE follow them.

- Video Content.
Due to this forum being PG-13 rated we do not allow members to post videos of graphic content. Posting a direct link to explicit content will result in punishment, in which will vary depending on its severity. Repeat offenses will lead to a ban.

- “Grave Digging”.
Please don’t bump old threads (ones that haven’t been posted on for at least 4 weeks)! It makes things hard to organize when outdated threads are posted on, especially when an issue or question in the topic is already solved. When in doubt, just private message the member who wrote the original post.

- Angst.
Threads created for the sole purpose of “angst,” whining, or argument will not be allowed. Any thread displaying a strongly worded rant of things happening off-forum or elsewhere will be locked and deleted, as they have no place here. Please use another outlet (Tumblr, LiveJournal, etc.) for those sorts of things!

Acceptable Angst Includes:
•   Reason for inactvity in correct board

Unacceptable Angst Includes But is Not Limited To:
•   Relationship/Friendship Break Up.
•   Bad day.
•   General whining about how “life sucks”.
•   Forum related issues. Contact a staff member.
•   The code to the Character Directory is warriorcats

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Re: The Rules of the Site

Post by Badgerstar on Sat Jan 26, 2013 8:08 pm

RP Rules

Post Count.
-We have a word count of atleast 60 words. If you do not follow this rule, you will be warned by PM and your post will have a note it it about in the post that led up to the warning. After three offenses, you will be banned for three weeks.

-Characters here may not have ear rings, necklaces, braclets, etc.
-When creating a character, please, use realistic cat pictures.
-Characters may NOT start out pregnant, so don't even ask.

- Our General Roleplaying Rules.
NO Fan-Clans in the neutral zones - either join one that's already existing, make one in Fan-Clan Joinings, or roleplay as a rouge. Any threads pertaining to such 'Clan-like' activities will be locked. This includes claiming territory, using rank names (Leader, Deputy, etc), and accepting new members into Clan. We do not allow this.
- No godmoding or power playing. Godmoding includes:
1. Having an overly powerful character with no weaknesses.
2. Thrill killing.
3. Controlling the actions of another character including injuries and death.
4. Using OOC knowledge for IC responses.
5. Controlling another character in general.

- Roleplaying pornographic scenes IS NOT ALLOWED - this includes but is not limited to graphic r.pe and graphic mating. Anyone caught WILL BE BANNED without question.
2. Should you need help, contact a Moderator.

- Reserving Character Names.
A name can be by creating an account with that name or posting the name in the character trading section (ex.Offspring of characters)

- Clan Ranking, etc.
To avoid power hoarding, a person is usually only allowed to play two high positions, but you can't be leader of two Clans or such. This means you may only play one character that is in charge of a Clan, rouge band, or any other form of official group. This allows for dispersal of power and allows everyone a greater chance of playing one. The Fan-Clans are also included into this rule.

If you wish to play a second Leader, you may send a request to the staff explaining why you are interested and would be a suitable candidate for another leader position.

If you are to breed with another chracter, please fade out. No force breeding or anything like that.
Note: Should a female Leader become pregnant, she is allowed to take a "leave" from leadership while she raises her kits. Male leaders whose mates are expecting/have had kits are allowed extended periods of time with their mate and are allowed to ask their Deputy to take over certain things.

Once you've decided your female is pregnant, her player must pm me with the names of both parents and their Clans.  One of the admins (most likely me) will use the coin and dice method for determining the gender and number of kits your female will have.



- Male of ____Clan x Female of ____Clan

Dice role will determine number of kits
Rolled number was 3
Male and Female will have 3 kits

Coin flip will determine the gender of the kits:
(male = heads / female = tails)
H / T / H
Male and Female will have 2 males and 1 female

Posts : 21
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Join date : 2013-01-25
Location : IceClan

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Age: 32 Moons
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